Tomás Sánchez – Man Crucified in a Dump (1992)

He is arguably Cuba’s most prolific contemporary painter, enchanting his fans with his idealized depictions of luxuriant vegetation, imbued with a sense of meditation and perfect stillness. Just like Russian realist artist Ivan Shishkin, Tomás Sánchez searches for spirituality in his nature-inspired artworks, with the distinction that he often recreates landscapes from his own memory […]

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Ivan Meštrović – Contemplation (1924)

With his proud nationalism and deep yearning for spirituality, Ivan Meštrović was the leading figure of Croatian modern sculpture. His art, encompassing Yugoslavia’s diverse influences, tells a story about religion, folklore, mythology and the heroism of accepting one’s fate, often times with an underlying nervous energy that simmers beneath the surface. Irrespective of the medium […]

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