Natalia Goncharova – The Cyclist (1913)

Born into an aristocratic family descended from the poet Alexander Pushkin, Russian artist Natalia Goncharova was destined for greatness. Eccentric, audacious and fully aware of her capabilities, at only 32 Goncharova became the first woman and avant-garde artist to have a retrospective show in Moscow.  Ultimately, she would be known for co-founding Rayonism, a style […]

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Kuzma Petrov – Vodkin – Earthquake in the Crimea (1927 – 1928)

He studied art in Russia’s St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also in Munich and Paris, and traveled extensively through Europe, Northern Africa and the Soviet Republic. His paintings were inspired by Russia’s folklore, 19th century painters and religious icons, but also by European artists like Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse and Giovanni Bellini. He was Kuzma Petrov […]

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