Joan Semmel – Intimacy/Autonomy (1974)

If to empathize means to put yourself in someone else’s place, then Joan Semmel’s self-portraits offer us an exercise in empathy. Four decades before selfies became a thing, this American artist was resorting to photography to document her body and sexuality, an approach that offered her a unique vantage point, further explored through painting. One […]

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William Kurelek – The Maze (1953)

What’s it like inside the mind of a depressed person? You might expect nothing. Flatness. Hollowness. The most hopeless numbness. If that’s the case, buckle up! William Kurelek is going to take us for a ride. This Canadian artist was 26 years old when he painted The Maze, a fascinating, multilayered journey through one man’s […]

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David Ligare – Man with Crow (2015)

If you ever dreamt of being a Greek hero/ine and sail the seas like Odysseus, overcome impossible tasks like Hercules or be a skilled, renowned warrior like Atalanta, then David Ligare’s paintings will go straight to your heart. With his love for Classicism, this contemporary American artist is bringing Ancient Greece back to life in […]

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