Tomás Sánchez – Man Crucified in a Dump (1992)

He is arguably Cuba’s most prolific contemporary painter, enchanting his fans with his idealized depictions of luxuriant vegetation, imbued with a sense of meditation and perfect stillness. Just like Russian realist artist Ivan Shishkin, Tomás Sánchez searches for spirituality in his nature-inspired artworks, with the distinction that he often recreates landscapes from his own memory […]

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David Ligare – Man with Crow (2015)

If you ever dreamt of being a Greek hero/ine and sail the seas like Odysseus, overcome impossible tasks like Hercules or be a skilled, renowned warrior like Atalanta, then David Ligare’s paintings will go straight to your heart. With his love for Classicism, this contemporary American artist is bringing Ancient Greece back to life in […]

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Spotlight: Hayv Kahraman

Her art examines the horrors of war and the Iraqi culture in which she grew up, but most of all, it sheds light on what it means to be a woman. Inspired by Art Nouveau, Japanese prints, Persian miniature painting and fashion iconography, Hayv Kahraman’s paintings are, at once, an exploration of how the artist […]

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Tetsuya Ishida – Recalled (1998)

His art captured what it meant coming of age in a highly industrial society, which was more concerned with its economic gains than with its own humanity. Tetsuya Ishida’s surreal paintings depict the dehumanization of the Japanese people, turned into machines, smothered and constricted by the high expectations imposed upon them by a rigid culture. […]

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Spotlight: Johnson Tsang

What if you could make your dreams come true? Hong Kong based artist Johnson Tsang did just that with Lucid Dream, a series of porcelain sculptures inspired by his dreams and meditations. Whimsical and Surrealist, his art explores the subconscious and reminds us that our faces are nothing but masks that can be stretched and […]

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Jeffrey Smart – The Steps

Obsessed with perfection in his highly geometric paintings, Australian artist Jeffrey Smart was known for his still, urban landscapes. The Steps is a representative painting of Smart’s, with its emphasis on the geometry of the climbing staircase, the overcast sky and the lonely, contemplative woman dressed in yellow at the top. Notice how bright the […]

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Julie Mehretu – Stadia I (2004)

Half Ethiopian, half American, abstract artist Julie Mehretu moved with her family to the US when she was only seven years old. Her immigrant status made her more sensitive to what makes a culture, an environment, more curious about how history, social norms, and the development of architecture through time infuse the physical space around […]

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Zeng Fanzhi – Blue (2015)

He is one of China’s most celebrated contemporary artists. Blending Western art with Chinese calligraphy, Zeng Fanzhi’s art was initially heavily influenced by German Expressionism. More recently, Zeng started to branch out (pun intended) and embrace a more abstract style, all while bringing to fruition his signature motif – the amalgam of intertwining lines which […]

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Spotlight: Bui Thanh Tam

Bui Thanh Tam (born in 1979) is an up and coming Vietnamese artist who, through his paintings, is trying to capture the conflict between new and old, modernity and tradition, materialism and spirituality. He uses irony to ridicule the changing Vietnamese society that is eager to embrace Western values like the love for money and […]

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